Meet Our Team

The Elemental Edge Training Team is dedicated to transforming lives through customized, action oriented training with proven results.

Bill Atkinson, Founder

Bill grew up in Natick, Mass. and at a young age was an accomplished trumpet player determined to be a professional musician. He changed course and spent 20 years in the Navy as a SEAL, then 10 more years as a mentor training future Navy SEALs.

Vermont is home now, and you’ll generally find him outdoors and active with the season, (trail running, open water swimming, sailing, mountain biking, hiking, alpine and nordic skiing). He brings the same energy and focus to whatever he does, and enjoys helping others achieve excellence through personal challenge.

Don Walsh

Don grew up on the Jersey shore and as a child couldn’t be kept out of the water…as is still the case today!

An avid open water swimmer, he’s done scores of ocean races ranging in distance from 1 mile to 10K. He’s also done the 12.5-mile swim around Key West, a 21-mile swim down the Mays Landing River in New Jersey, and twice completed the 28.5 mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. In 2006, he became the first person from New Jersey to do the Round Jersey solo swim, a 41.5 miler around the Isle of Jersey.

Don’s passion is to promote a love for the water, and to change the way we move through it and experience it…and he does that better than anyone else. When he’s not coaching others, you’ll find him on the Jersey shore, swim cap and suit only, 365 days a year. In his free time, he writes children’s books and songs while honing his newfound skills on an acoustic guitar.

Janis Cooper

Janis was raised in Groton, Mass. Her career began with Digital Equipment Corporation and spanned 30 years across the high-tech industry including Hewlett Packard, Compaq, and Unisys where she held Global Marketing Management and Executive roles.  Vermont became home in 2008.

Her corporate background, and passion for people and horses, eventually led Janis to a career change in the growing field of Equine Facilitated Learning.  Today she partners individuals, groups, and horses together in unique experiential programs, where new levels of self-awareness are created.  Her Horse Powering Success Programs pave the way for accelerated and lasting change in the way people relate to others to get things done – personally and professionally.

Throughout the year, Janis can generally be found outdoors whether with horses, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature that surrounds her.

Nick Warren

Nick grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and knew from a young age that he’d serve his country. That desire came to fruition when he was selected to attend the United States Naval Academy. While there, he distinguished himself in a variety of leadership roles, as well as participation in the Academy’s Marathon and Triathlon teams.  Upon graduation, Nick took his commission in the United States Marine Corps.

Flying had always been a dream, and he realized it through more than 15 years of time in the cockpit, initially flying attack helicopters and ultimately piloting the Presidential Helicopter, Marine One. Nick served with honor in the Marine Corps before re-locating to Stowe, Vermont where he now resides with his wife and their young son.

Nick’s many talents, past and present, include competing in Ironman distance triathlons, ultra-marathons and other endurance events; and serving his community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He’s also a techie and likes to stay current on a variety of different gear and technology trends, and is especially interested in optimizing as many things in life as possible with extreme efficiency of effort. He’s intensely passionate about everything he does and enjoys working with others to help them achieve their own goals.

Brad Salon

Brad grew up in Connecticut and is a 2006 graduate of Goddard College. At a young age his love for the wilderness and outdoor adventure changed his life. He learned early to be self-reliant, build with his hands, and constantly problem solve to survive and thrive in the elements. He now calls Vermont home, and he is an accomplished instructor and teacher of wilderness survival, tracking, and a wide array of primitive survival skills.

His passion continues to be learning to connect these skills daily, to the present conditions of our world as they relate to people and our surroundings. He is a naturalist, and a lifelong practitioner of primitive and traditional skills.

Brad constantly re-evaluates and strives to grow his perspective on all he does and teaches. When not spending quality time with wife Sarah, he opts to tell compelling stories through the mediums of picture and video.

Sarah Corrigan

Sarah is a 2005 graduate of Drew University. She is also an accomplished herbalist, having completed an intense three-year program in Clinical Herbalism at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. Her background and focus on ethnobotanical studies have strongly connected her to plants and place, in addition to the practice of primitive skills.

Informed by these land based arts, she finds they offer the rewards of self-reliance through skill, responsibility and gratitude, and growing and gathering…and ultimately, a deep appreciation for the awe, wonder and beauty of the natural world. This interaction can educate us to being more capable, responsible, and healthier human beings.

As a student and an educator, she remains passionate about continuous learning, and facilitating a student’s relationship to the natural world through supporting their own learning processes.