Teamwork is Essential to Accomplish any Great Goal

To achieve anything in life, you need a good team. No amount of independence or skill can stand in place of working with the right people. Teamwork is nothing more than the process of working collaboratively to achieve a common goal. To have a good team, you have to be a good teammate, no matter what place you hold.

The most important part of working with a team is knowing your place within the group. Do not lead when it is your turn to follow, and do not put your ego before the objective.

It’s simple: task before ego, team before self.

This can be very difficult when you’re first learning to work as a team. We’re hardwired to prove ourselves through competition, but a team competes together. Move your thinking from individual glory to collective achievement, and you’ll be ready to give your best.

You see, we’re also hardwired to work together as a community for survival. Make no mistake, your team is a community. Whether you’re in a leading or supporting role, you are important; and so is everyone else. It’s easier to work together when you realize that your success is the same as the group’s success.

It takes practice to learn how to work well with others. Our Elemental Edge Training techniques can teach you the basics of good teamwork because our trainers have been trained by the best: the United States Navy SEALs. In the SEALs, everything is about your team. Our experience has taught us some valuable lessons that we can now share with you:

  • SEALs do not discriminate
  • We leave arrogance and ego at the door
  • We believe every member of the team counts
  • We know that you must train as a team
  • We understand how to keep working as team even when we lose a teammate

It takes the same things to be a good athlete as it does to be a good SEAL. You have to train hard, be mentally tough and resilient, and you have to be team-focused. This is true even if you’re training for an individual event. Everyone you work with is a part of your team, and if you can’t work with your trainers, you can’t succeed.

If you want to train with the best, check out our Elemental Edge programs. We focus on the Four Pillars for success: communication, leadership, accountability, and teamwork. When all of these things are working together, you become an unstoppable force. Our upcoming swim clinic is one of our toughest trainings, and it also gives you the opportunity to get the best from our Navy SEAL trainers. SEALs spend a lot of their time in the water, and the sea is an unforgiving mistress. Teamwork is essential for survival in the deep. Spend the day with us, and we’ll polish your teamwork skills while improving every aspect of your swim. This can save you valuable minutes on your triathlon times.

If you work with us, we become a part of your team. Bring your team skills to the training and you’ll reap the full benefits: check your ego at the door, be humble, practice effective communication, and remember that resolving conflict means working together. We can only lead you if you listen, and we can only understand how to lead you if we listen.

At the end of the day, every member of the team decides how the team will function. We can help you and your team improve together, or we can teach individuals how to be better leaders for their teams. Remember, we can only work for you so much as you will work with us. How far you go is ultimately up to you and your team.

Your teams, our training: making you the best.

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About Elemental Edge Training

Founded by former Navy SEAL Bill Atkinson, Elemental Edge Training offers highly organized, fast-paced half, full and three day workshops that enhance your ability to lead, follow, communicate and participate as an individual and on a team. Lectures, discussions and practicals, and a rapid fire “Plan-brief-execute-debrief” format hammer home why you’re here and what you must change to improve your personal and professional life. We also teach you a Navy SEAL mindset approach that’s a game changer for you and your team and includes direct and immediate feedback, along with “report card” to take home round out the experience, give pause for reflection, and inspire further change.