Self-Reliance: Your Secret Weapon

Looking at the calendar, and peeking outside my window, it’s clearly evident that the season has changed here in the north. The cold weather and absence of light prevail. The ground is white, and save the evergreens, the forests are barren and black. The starkness of the land, devoid of the vibrant summer life, and the enveloping darkness is prevalent.

Dread and dreams of warm sun on the face for some. Excitement and adventures on snow and ice for others. Do you remember the joys of a snow day from school? From sledding, making snowmen, snow angels, and skiing, do you recall the excitement of being outdoors, even in the cold?

Where do you stand? Why should it matter?

Focus on the present and what’s before you. Live in the moment and embrace it.

Be here now.

Don’t wait for the New Year and a resolution. New Year resolutions fail, on average, at a staggering rate of 80% by February. Instead of a resolution, make a change.

Do something new or different now that develops and grows your self-reliance. Make it a mental and physical challenge. Start small, but do it. As Lao Tzu is quoted as saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Get out for a walk, slog, snowshoe or ski when the weather appears uninviting. Observe your surroundings when you do. You’ll be rewarded by what you see, especially in nature. You may also find that you’re pleasantly distracted from the dark thoughts you had before you left the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

Find a quiet spot and don’t move for 10 minutes. Look, listen and observe with a keen eye. Imagine this spot will be your home for the next few days. How would you make it work for you? What would be your hierarchy of needs to survive or even thrive? Shelter, water, fire, food…

Did you forget that it was cold, stark, and somewhat dark? Good! Now, you’re on to something. It’s the beginning of a change, no resolution necessary.

Start small, and do things that are new and different, and challenging. These small steps, are actually small changes, however over time, they become big changes in your core. Make it a mental and physical challenge, a mind/body connection.

Your confidence and self-reliance will change. What was once a ‘no can do’ is now a ‘when can I do again, and add this to it?’

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