Good Communication is Essential to Good Teamwork

If you’ve ever played the telephone game, you know just how easy it is for communication to break down as it passes from one person to the next. The most crucial aspect of having good relationships in your life is communication. Little misunderstandings grow into larger problems, and it all begins with how we talk to each other.

The same is true for your team dynamics. Whether you are a team player or a team leader, you have to understand and practice good communication skills. That’s why communication is one of the Four Pillars at Elemental Edge Training. Without it, the other pillars would crumble.

Accountability becomes meaningless if your team can’t communicate their shortcomings and strengths. Leadership isn’t leadership if you’re not able to effectively listen and speak to your team, and teamwork cannot happen where there is poor communication.

This is one of the most crucial aspects of everything you do in life because nothing is ever truly a solo endeavor. Even if you’re working a triathlon, you are going to have to be able to communicate with your trainers and nutritionists to reach top physical condition.

That’s why we include effective communication in our training. We know it will help you beyond the time you spend with us. Our sessions are all about bringing the best out in you. It is a joint effort because we can only guide you, you have to put the power behind the movement. With our knowledge, your dedication, and good communication: you will improve.

So, let’s talk about good communication for a minute. Here are some starting points that will help you to achieve the results you want and get the best out of yourself and your team:

Communicate With Respect

Do not speak down to others, take accountability for your mistakes, discuss the mistakes of others in a compassionate way, and treat everyone on your team as equals. Your team will not have respect for you if you do not treat them with respect.

Actively Listen Without Interrupting

This may seem so easy at first, but people often don’t realize how much they interrupt others. Take a day where you mark down every time you interrupt another in conversation. Just one quick tick on a notepad. You might be surprised by how often you speak over others. Active listening is a huge part of effective communication because, without it, misunderstandings will happen frequently.

Speak Clearly so You Will Be Easily Understood

Even an active listener can become confused if you are not speaking clearly. Take a minute to organize what you want to say before you speak. Start by understanding the ultimate goal of your communication. Knowing both why and what you are communicating will help you choose your words wisely.

Set Aside Biases and Preconceived Notions so You Can Understand and Be Understood

Do not assume that you already understand a situation. This way, you can actively and respectfully listen to your team members. You can’t listen properly if your mind is already set.

Check Regularly for Good Understanding

You will know your team is on the same page if you do regular communication updates. Make sure everyone feels heard, and make sure everyone has the same understanding of situations and expectations. This will help you to hold your team members and yourself accountable for mistakes. With effective communication, you will also be able to quickly understand where things went wrong and how to fix them.

If you want to step up your game and improve the way you communicate, check out our the Elemental Edge Training website. We’ll teach you how to be an effective leader and engage your team to get results! Even if you’re training for a solo event, we can improve every aspect of what you need to build the character to win. Check out our upcoming swim clinic and let us help you achieve peak performance.

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