Accountability Means Being Honest with Yourself

It has been said that life isn’t easy, but others would say that life is as easy as you make. The difference between these statements all comes down to mindset. If you waste time thinking about how difficult something is, then you’re making things harder than they have to be.

When you start to hold yourself accountable for how you perform, the first place you have to start is with your own thoughts. Dwelling on a task takes more energy than doing it ever will. If you’re not giving your best, then you’re probably wasting too much of your energy worrying instead of working.

Accountability is one of the Four Pillars taught in our Elemental Edge Training. Our training is designed to improve your performance and the overall performance of your team. A collective is only as good as the people who are part of it. With that in mind, ask yourself this:

Is every member of your team practicing accountability?

This is important because accountability is the art of being honest with yourself. If even one person is making excuses for poor results, your entire team’s ability to deliver excellence is compromised. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, after all.

When a person begins to really practice accountability, nothing will stand in the way of achieving a set goal. Again, it all begins in the mind. Don’t focus on how you feel or what isn’t going your way: focus on what you can do to create the results you want.

A good team leader can only do so much. At the end of the day, everyone has to contribute.

Open and honest communication, essential to any team, can help to maintain accountability. However, it is ultimately up to each person in an organization to decide they are going to follow through with their promises. Too few people in the world are able to actually put this into practice.

That’s why a person who practices accountability will always stand out, and a team comprised of such people will always come out on top. If you want to set yourself or your team apart, then start by holding yourself accountable for the choices you make and the results those actions create.

Our training will give you a crash-course in accountability. We’re tough, but only because we know that’s what it takes to be the best. Our upcoming swim clinic is one of the toughest challenges we offer. We can improve every nuance of your swim in just one day of training, but only if you arrive with the right mindset. Know where you might need help, and be ready to push yourself beyond your perceived capabilities.

The amazing thing about accountability is that it will change what you are capable of achieving. It will change what you believe you can do. When you take a good, hard look at yourself and admit that only you are responsible for your results, you’ll begin to work harder. You’ll become more honest with yourself about your weak points, and how you can overcome them or learn to work with them.

Accountability doesn’t mean beating yourself up over not being better. It means admitting where you could be better, setting a plan to improve, and following through with that plan. It means focusing on the task at hand instead of the thousands of distractions that will keep you from finishing.

At the end of the day, we can only take you as far as you’re willing to go. If you’re ready to hold yourself accountable, check out some of our training sessions and see where we can help you to improve.

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